Friday, April 30, 2010

Could the Unthinkable Become the New Normal?

In November 2009 I began jotting down some events I felt could become realities in the next 48 months. Although some of them are commonly cited in one form or another; it seemed as though each one would lead me to another prediction and each could begin within four short years.

The triggers to these thoughts came from many places: news stories, books, magazines, friends, family and personal observations (maybe too much free time some might say). My thought process was to simply "Think the Unthinkable" based on what is happening around us.

The political, environmental, financial, social and spiritual climate today, more than ever; warrant a paradigm shift in the way we observe and react to change. Today our country and the entire world are prone to changes on a scale and pace never before imagined.

At the urging of friends and family, I finally decided to publish my thoughts on what could happen over the next few years. Several have already read them and found the content to be intriguing, skeptical, thought provoking and even down right bizarre! That's fine with me, really. My hope is that they never come to pass. Part of the urgency for sharing these thoughts with anyone who reads them is the rapid movement toward many of these outcomes almost daily.

I understand most of these thoughts about the future may appear far-out at first. But remember the premise I had in mind, "Think the Unthinkable". I intend to expound more on each one to provide background and supporting details. Although, some were actually "gut" calls on my part and little explanation may be provided. I welcome any feedback either for or against the likely hood of any events coming to pass within the next 43 months.

NOTE: Environment, Climate Change, Social Justice, Equality, Political Correctness, Public Health & Public Safety and Redistribution of Income Earned are contributing factors in each of the 50 POSSIBILITIES listed below.

1. General Motors and Chrysler are combined/merged and renamed, Government Motors Company or GMC.

2. Government control and/or ownership of 75% radio and television stations within the U.S. and Territories.

3. Opinion/talk radio and television will no longer be broadcast.

4. Maximum National Speed Limit of 60 miles per hour.

5. User fees/taxes for the Internet; excluding government owned buildings and facilities.

6. Government control and/or ownership of the Internet within the U.S. and Territories.

7. Cuba and Haiti become Territories of the U.S.

8. Amnesty and citizenship granted to all illegal aliens.

9. The number of U.S. states will no longer be 50.

10. Record number of military court-martials.

11. Environmentalism in some form will become an officially recognized religion.

12. National Single Payer Health Insurance program controlled by the U.S. Government.

13. U.S. Government buys foreclosed properties from lenders at a discount to provide affordable housing for the poor and homeless.

14. 7 out of 10 homeowners default on home mortgage loans.

15. 3 vacancies on the Supreme Court will be filled by judges sympathetic to Progressive, Socialist and Marxist views.

16. Labor Union membership will increase by 45%.

17. Half of all golf courses will be closed. Of those remaining; a quarter will be owned and operated by local municipalities.

18. Conversion to a new currency standard and the Dollar obsolete.

19. New currency will not include phrase, "In God We Trust".

20. Electronic payment from bank account and/or cashless currency card will be required for 90% of all transactions.

21. Government control and/or ownership of 90% print media.

22. Handgun ownership by individuals will be illegal.

23. Vehicles with MPG under 21 can no longer obtain tag renewals.

24. Vehicles with MPG under 21 can no longer be sold or traded.

25. Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays will be renamed.

26. Tax payers will be charged a 1.25% Annual Charity Tax.

27. Charitable contributions will no longer be a deductible expense on Income Tax Returns.

28. Religious institutions and their ministries and/or subsidiaries will no longer be considered Tax Exempt.

29. National motorcycle helmet law.

30. Enhanced restrictions on travel outside the U.S.

31. $5.75 per gallon for gasoline.

32. Mandatory volunteerism for the majority of citizens.

33. $10.65 National Minimum Wage.

34. New National Flag to replace current Old Glory.

35. New National Anthem.

36. National public school uniforms.

37. 32% National unemployment.

38. FICA and Medicare SSI Tax withholding increased by additional 10%.

39. Credit Reporting agencies controlled and/or owned by the U.S. Government.

40. 44th U.S. President - Barack Hussein Obama II will be the last president elected in the United States of America.

41. The Government will become the largest residential and commercial landlord in the U.S.

42. 13 States will file for bankruptcy. They will be bailed out by the U.S. Government who will gain control of state budgets, hiring, school systems and all state agencies.

43. Implementation of a National Civilian Security Force with a budget equal or greater to that of the U.S. Military.

44. Hate Speech and Acts will include display of former American Flag and playing the former National Anthem.

45. Financial incentive offered by the U.S. Government to households who do not procreate.

46. Government control and/or ownership of all U.S. based energy such as oil, coal, solar and nuclear.

47. Government takeover and/or ownership of Bank of America. Six additional banks will be included and merged into BOA. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will also be merged into BOA.

48. Household consumption limits placed on water, energy and fuel.

49. 3 airline companies will be controlled and/or owned by the U.S. Government.

50. 3 high profile fast food restaurants will be dissolved - Chick Fi la among them.